Friday Code Club

Want to try coding but aren't very techy? Fear not - FCC to the rescue! You will learn to code some fun things and we'll start from the very beginning. Did I mention that it's totally free and at the end of it you'll be hacking like a boss?

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What will you need

Please bring a cheap sound-making toy (charity shops are great for that). We'll be taking it apart and enhancing it to change the sound pitch.

No laptops required for this session. All other tools will be provided.

What is it?

FCC is a free coding workshop run by ntlk. I was amazed how many people expressed interest in learning to code as long as they could start from basics. I want to share the knowledge and the excitement of making something out of nothing, so I'm testing out a workshop idea, which I will adapt depending on the group's needs.

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Some useful tools, books and resources are collected here.

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