Friday Code Club

Want to try coding but aren't very techy? Fear not - FCC to the rescue! You will learn to code some fun things and we'll start from the very beginning. Did I mention that it's totally free and at the end of it you'll be hacking like a boss?

Woah, cool! When's the next session? ยป

We started from the very beginning - how the internet works. Then, we found out what HTML is and how a website is structured. We looked at the code behind the sites you visit and changed it on the fly using X-Ray Goggles. We used Chrome's Inspector panel to see relationships between different elements on the page.

Session breakdown

  1. Everyone say hi!
  2. What happens behind the scenes when you visit a web site
  3. How are simple web pages constructed - a quick intro to HTML (common tags)
  4. Peeking at the code of sites you visit (and changing it)
  5. Become a web voyeur

Tools for that session:

You can view the slides online, though they will only work in latest browsers and due to the size of the images they are likely to take forever to load.