Friday Code Club

Want to try coding but aren't very techy? Fear not - FCC to the rescue! You will learn to code some fun things and we'll start from the very beginning. Did I mention that it's totally free and at the end of it you'll be hacking like a boss?

Woah, cool! When's the next session? ยป

Sessions breakdown

  1. Homework - what did you do?
  2. Questions from last week
  3. Design a simple microblogging site
  4. Code it up in HTML
  5. Introduction to CSS
  6. Make your site look nice - using dabblet

Sample site to work with

A basic site you can download and tweak, or copy from: download it here.

Tools for these sessions:

For those who cannot attend

We will code up a simple page and style it. You can catch up by completing these tutorials: